We are committed to continually delivering predictability, improving productivity and operational synchronization throughout the supply chain ecosystem.


Decrease congestion and Improve service levels.

STEP is a cloud-first and mobile-first supply chain platform which works towards balance in the supply chain through backhaul, efficiency and visibility

it’s a platform to help you manage gate operations, yard operations, documentation, clearances, truck arrivals and traffic movement both inside and outside the facility. With automated VBS and transport scheduling as well as real-time container inventory data, ports reduce overheads while capturing more revenue across every container move.

S.T.E.P.’s features

  • Full documentation capability with paperless process and electronic communication.
  • Direct Port Delivery reducing container moves and storage space.
  • Automated (paperless/automated) gate process
  • Dynamic matching of gate and yard capacity and enhanced yard optimization
  • Pre-arrival trip validation and processing of approaching trucks
  • Online truck arrival appointment system for efficient servicing and improved turnarounds
  • Dynamic business intelligence for proactive operational planning, asset utilization, and financial data.

Container Terminals

Unlocking efficiency and profitability

Container terminals are high-intensity interchange points for cargo movement. Vessels, trains, or barges are continually arriving for loading and unloading, assisted by trucks and equipment in constant motion.

To avoid bottlenecks, accidents, and expensive delays, yard and gate management must be finely calibrated. S.T.E.P is purpose-built to help inland and seaport terminals benefit from less volatile gate operations and improved yard equipment synchronization with 3rd-party users of the facility.

S.T.E.P.’s features

  • Digital Control Tower (DCT) for inland terminals management.
  • Manage truck queuing and turnaround with gate and yard capacity
  • Enable your TOS to direct a truck within your facility in real time
  • Improve yard safety with real-time truck movement monitoring
  • Dynamic business intelligence for proactive operational planning
  • Automated communication and connectivity to any truckin or approaching the terminal
  • Move to paperless and automated gate control

CFS & Warehouses

Manage traffic and increase productivity

Container Freight Station and Warehouses are some of the busiest exchange points for goods on the move. Managing traffic in and out of the facility is critical to productivity and ultimately, profitability. S.T.E.P. helps to ensure optimal movement of goods - designed to track truck movements, improve turnaround times, and reduce costly and error-prone manual processing.

S.T.E.P.’s features

  • Direct Delivery that helps in reduction of storage cost and space from imports.
  • Manage truck queuing and facilitate faster turnarounds
  • Dynamic business intelligence for proactive operational planning and asset utilization
  • Improve yard safety with real-time truck movement monitoring.
  • Automated communication and connectivity to any truck (user) near or at your facility
  • Paperless and automated gate control.


Track your cargo from landfall to last mile

S.T.E.P. offers you a complete view of your cargo movement from your location to the consignee. Seamlessly book transport jobs from point to point. Reduce manual processing. And spend much less time chasing information from multiple parties.

S.T.E.P.’s features

  • Availability from a pool of fleet owners
  • Direct Port Delivery facility which helps faster delivery of the consignment.
  • Track, trace and monitor bookings
  • Standardize communication and reduce manual processing
  • Proactively manage potential problems – like pilferages.
  • Ensure your goods reach their destination on time

Fleet Owners

Manage your fleet efficiently and increase asset utilization

Truck transport is a vital cog in the supply chain. But without up-to-the-minute information the potential for fleet inefficiency is high. What if you could make your turnarounds 80% faster? Make more trips per truck per day? Eliminate futile trips altogether? You can with S.T.E.P., designed with the needs of the trucking industry in mind.

S.T.E.P. is a fully functional vehicle booking system with features that include: accepting and managing orders, dispatching and managing transport movements to your truck fleet (with a dynamic planning auto-match feature), and the ability to quote and invoice your customers.

S.T.E.P.’s features

  • Backhaul Optimization
  • Efficient, paperless processing
  • Improved turn times and asset utilization via dynamic planning
  • Reduce or eliminate truck idle-time for lower running costs
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Forward event visibility for fleet controllers to manage and optimize the fleet
  • Dynamic business intelligence for management.